Environmental Entreprenuership for Sustainable Communities


Philip Osano

PhD Candidate, McGill University. Has experience in nature conservation and poverty alleviation having worked with numerous national and international organizations in Kenya and by extension Africa.

Michael Skuja

Holds Msc in Environment and Development from Oxford University. He is the Executive Director of CREE and has experience on resource mobilization, poverty alleviation and nature conservation.

Dennis Osodo

Holds Bachelors of Commerce and CPA (K). Works with Price Water House Coopers and has experience in project and financial management.

Karen Basiye

Holds Msc in Environmental Management from Lund University. Works with Safaricom Company Limited and has experience in sustainable development education, environmental governance and corporate citizenship.

Ciara Sutton

Ciara is a video journalist and producer for Reuters in London. She holds an MA in International Journalism and has experience in applied theatre, international journalism, communication, filming and local development work. Ciara has a strong connection with Kenya, particularly in grass-roots development work, and is enthusiastic in working closely with local organizations in using multimedia techniques to document their novel and unique work.