Enhancement of Stakeholder Participation

Wetlands are a common resource and this translates to them having a number of stakeholders. For any changes intended on the wetlands to be made successfully and sustainable, it is paramount to advocate for support from the key stakeholders.

12322672_10208459709432953_5024325697916344647_oThey may also prove useful in giving in kind support during the implementation of the outlined strategies and their respective activities, for this reason Ecofinder Kenya will therefore work to shine light on the Wetlands to the stakeholders at a local, regional and national level.


The main aim here will be to outline the environmental services that the said wetlands provide, the challenges that they face, the actions that should be taken to curb this challenges, the Village level efforts and to also ensure that they are aware of how they can be of help to ensure the success of those efforts.

The activities that the project team intends to engage in to actualize this strategy will include:

  • Establishing a lake Victoria village Wetlands forum
  • holding Quarterly meetings of the wetland forums
  • working together with personnel of the institutional stakeholders during the implementation process of the project
  • developing joint action plans with the participants in the wetland forums in all the wetland areas

Wetland Restoration and Protection

The wetland ecosystem has been destructed due to the communities’ over exploitation of them for their resources. This has had a tremendous effect on the floral and faunal diversity of the wetlands of the Winam Gulf  of Lake Victoria.

For the communities to get to the point where they will be harvesting sustainably without leaving any negative giant footprints in the wetlands, the affected areas have to be restored first.

This will only be made possibly if we first have a comprehensive snapshot of the whole wetland, in terms of  the parts that are used for economic purposes, and to which extent those areas have been exploited, the conservation and buffer zones.

This strategy will thus involves a collection of activities that attempts to restore the wetland to near its original state. The activities that will be carried out here will include:

  • Undertaking wetland inventories in all the wetland areas
  • Leading workshops aimed at exploring options for community protection of the wetlands
  • Conducting participatory wetland demarcation and zonation exercises
  • Developing joint wetland village wise use by laws
  • Providing technical support and training to the community members working to restore the wetlands.