Composting for Human Wildlife Conflicts Control

Ecological Sanitation Toilets for Wetlands Ecosystem Conservation

People living in wetland communities, often believe that the wetlands are much more productive than the lands away from the wetlands. in order to get good yield, you have to either be farming in the wetlands, or be using fertilizers in your farm. Since fertilizers are expensive, people have opted to encroach into the wetland.

Though most of the people who farm in the wetlands do not use fertilizers, a few of them are still causing dual destruction to the wetlands through encroachment and pollution. this has caused major habitat destruction to the flora and fauna in the wetlands.

Mama Terry ties Night Soil Ready for useWe have hence adopted the use of ecological sanitation toilets and brought demonstrations and lessons of this to the communities living in wetland areas. Using these toilets, enables the collection of human waste, both solid and liquid but in separate chambers. These wastes are then composted and they become manure that can be used to make farms more productive.

By doing this, we hope to create an alternative for people who see wetland farming as the only option to good yield production. This will also help in reducing encroachment of people into the wetlands which will in turn reduce human wildlife conflicts.