Wetlands Demarcation and Zonation for Restoration

Exploitation of the wetlands for their resources has resulted into major degradation of the wetlands. In some instances, this has led to habitat destruction at a high level and this has seen a number of the fauna in the wetlands encroaching to the community lands which in turn brings about human wildlife conflicts.

The community members have cleared a lot of the vegetation in the wetland for farming, poaching, as passage ways for fishing grounds and some have even established settlements in the wetlands.

The level of encroachment has been so high that in some of the wetlands, for instance in Kusa wetland, some community members have fenced out portions of the wetland and declared those areas as their own personal land.

We are therefore conducting a participatory wetlands demarcation and zonation exercise with the members of the community by identifying the activities in the wetland and mapping the portions of the wetlands that they take place in. Then partitioning the wetlands on a map in three zones, economic, buffer and conservation.

This is aimed at helping in the identification of areas of the wetland where we can conduct wetland restoration through both active and passive regeneration. We are also rolling out an adopt a portion of the wetland campaign. Here, members of the community will be encouraged to adopt and protect that portion of the wetland after which they will be incentivized .