Adopt Papyrus Wetland for Nature’s Benefits

Wetlands, are a community resource, and the responsibility of conservation and protection, starts from the community. Be it individuals or groups, it stars with us, and spreads outwards to the rest of the people.

On this note, we have rolled out an adopt a papyrus wetland initiative with the communities in the wetland areas. The community members, either as individuals or in groups, will adopt portions of the wetlands to help enable their restoration and protection. DSC06770

This community members who choose to adopt a wetland, will be given incentives in the long run. These include the following:

  • Certified seeds
  • Farming equipment for farmers
  • Recommended fishing gear
  • Tree seedlings
  • Educational support materials for children
  • Fingerlings
  • Compost toilets
  • Hybrid feed biogas
  • Solar lamps

This is aimed at promoting the culture of conservation in the community by giving them the chance to be actively be involved in the protection and restoration of their wetlands. They will also serve as examples to the rest of the communities and help increase the number of community members who will be are wiling to take up responsible for their wetlands. hence, this will yield long term results and sustainability of conserving the wetland’s resources.

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