Environmental Entreprenuership for Sustainable Communities

Organizational Mandate


Environmental Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Communities.


Ecofinder is committed to the promotion of Lake Victoria people's active participation in ameliorating their Environment, Livelihood and Health and by extension that of their communities.


To empower and work with the grass-root communities through holistic approaches in order to make them realize their potentials and attain local sustainable development.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To facilitate grass-root communities proactive involvement in sustainable development issues around Lake Victoria region.
  2. To promote natural resources conservation among Lake Victoria communities.
  3. To promote environmental friendly enterprises for poverty alleviation
  4. To facilitate sustainable development education, training and advocacy on various thematic issues among Lake Victoria grass-root communities.

Ecofinder Kenya is a membership and volunteers' based grass-root organization that endeavours towards the conservation of Lake Victoria capitalizing on its wetlands as an entry point. Our interventions include research and monitoring, landscape rehabilitation, entrepreneurship, capacity building and training, conservation education and advocacy, leadership incubation and nurturing, promotion of good governance and peace at grass-root level and preventive health education. The CBO has strong international, national and grass-root partnerships with community groups, non governmental organizations, institutions and governmental departments and parastatals. The partnerships are imperative for joint project implementation, community mobilization, resource mobilization and technical backstopping.