Environmental Entreprenuership for Sustainable Communities



Ecofinder Kenya is a Community Based Organization (CBO) founded in 1995 and registered as Ecofinder Youth Group by Department of Social Services and Development, Republic of Kenya as a self-help group. Ecofinder Kenya is a vibrant, innovative and grass-root-based organization spearheading initiatives for sustainable communities around Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya. Our interventions include research and monitoring, landscape rehabilitation, entrepreneurship, capacity building and training, conservation education and advocacy, leadership incubation and nurturing, promotion of good governance and peace at grass-root level and preventive health education.

Ecofinder was formed by like-minded young people residing in shanties of Kisumu who were touched and moved by myriad problems (State of affairs) affecting them and other young people in the slums and beyond; idleness and unemployment, substance abuse, school drop-outs, unwanted pregnancies, unhealthy boy-girl relationships, peer influence/ pressure, sexually transmitted infections and other ailments, environmental mismanagement, street urchins, orphans, lack of basic needs inter alia. Therefore, the pioneer members decided to initiate this self-help project (CBO) to mobilize the young people to take a proactive role in ameliorating the aforementioned state of affairs. Ecofinder Kenya operates on the principle of integrated or holistic approach in tackling the myriad problems: Environment, Health and other Socio-economic problems and to accommodate the diverse background and interests of the people involved. The organization also recognizes the gender concerns in the society and aims at achieving social justice, equity and poverty alleviation.

The mandate of Ecofinder Kenya is captured in its herein stated vision, mission, goals and objectives: