Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper is here!

Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper is alive and kicking. It is a member of global Waterkeeper Alliance and is working towards fishable, swimmable and drinkable Lake Victoria in Kenya. Lake Victoria is the  first and second largest freshwater lake by area in Africa and the World respectively. It is shared by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The lake is critical for biodiversity, economy and culture of Lake Victoria region of over 30 million population. This importance of the lake is threatened by pollution, invasive species, siltation, eutrophication and climate change. Thus need for local network of individuals, groups, institutions and companies to restore, conserve the lake for its sustainability. This is the gap Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper is seizing to mobilize locals towards the lake’s sustainability. Join us! Contact or read about us through the following avenues:

Contact information KLVW logo

Dunga Wetland Pedagogical Centre

Dunga Beach, Kisumu, Kenya

P.O.Box 179 – 40123, Kisumu

Tel +254 726701042, +254 731603109


Waterkeeper Hotline: +254 700936333

Facebook: Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper

Twitter: @LVwaterkeeper

Instagram :lakevictoriawaterkeeper


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