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The Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper

The Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper is a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance and its mandate is to mobilize individuals, groups, institutions and companies to enable implementation of activities that will lead to a more fishable, swimmable and drinkable Lake Victoria

Ecofinder Creative Players (ECP)

This is the theatrical and puppetry arm of Ecofinder Kenya responsible for social marketing, community mobilization, education and awareness creation on various sustainable development themes

Ecotourism Sensation Lake Victoria

Promoting and practicing sustainable tourism along the Lake Victoria Region through authentic, culminating and invigorating cultural, natural and adventurous experiences.

Lake Victoria Wetlands Forum (LVWEF)

This is a multi-stakeholders forum formed to promote conservation of Lake Victoria wetlands in a coordinated manner through joint endeavours in research, advocacy, lobbying and enabling wise-use concept best practices

Water and Sanitation Entrepreneurs Association (WATSAN-Entrepreneurs).

This is an association of grass-root water and sanitation entrepreneurs working towards provision of water and sanitation services to poor neighbourhoods and wetland villages around Lake Victoria region