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Ecofinder Kenya is a Non-Profit Environmental Organization which works with grassroots communities to ameliorate poverty through environmental and social development. Ecofinder Kenya was established in 1995 by a group of environmental and arts enthusiasts who were also natives of the Lake Victoria Region.

The founder of the Organization, has always embodied a great volunteer spirit. Growing up, he has always wanted to give back to his mother land which had given him so much but was also going through a myriad of challenges. Through the years, Ecofinder Kenya has thrived because of the volunteering spirit that has been passed down through the decades. 

Volunteers are at the frontline of the work that Ecofinder Kenya does. They are the environmental stewards, natural resource gatekeepers and caretakers, and natural resource users who believe in our mandate and efforts towards sustainable development. We have a great network of volunteers from grassroots community members to international volunteers who share in our vision of empowering local communities towards environmental conservation and protection. 

Some of our volunteer tasks

  • Environmental Education 

  • Green Energy 

  • Community Development through Environmental Entrepreneurship 

  • Development of Nature Based Enterprises 

  • Designing of Water Stewardship Protocols and Activities

  • Skill Building for Local Communities 

  • Climate Change Adaptation Activities within the Lake Victoria Region 

  • Environmental Leadership Programmes for Women and Youth 

  • Gender Mainstreaming in Environmental and Climate Change Issues 

  • Landscape Rehabilitation 

  • Wetlands Conservation