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Ecotourism Sensation Lake Victoria

Coordinator – Roniance Adhiambo

The Western Part of Kenya, where the Lake Victoria lies, is endowed with very charismatic, diverse and exquisite attractions, from wildlife, avi fauna, great cultures an interesting people and ways of life, waterways, islands, beaches, museums and mausoleums, great towns among traditional and cultural sites among others. Ecotourism Sensation Lake Victoria was founded by a team of like-minded young people who are highly passionate about the Environment, travel life, local people and their sustainable development. They saw an opportunity to showcase what the region has to offer, give their clients the best experiences while at the same time providing solutions to some of the biggest environmental, social and economic problems which are sinking the region.

Our model is based on the premise that tourism provides the perfect gateway towards sustainable development. It values the things which are the most critical in the world todays, wildlife, natural resources, people and culture. The appreciation of the beauty, relevance and meaning that such things bring into our lives, is the biggest stepping stone towards shifting the gear to taking care of them and ensuring their continuity for the future generations. If Managed well tourism can be a great source of growth for local economies in the destinations, it can provide employment opportunities and can as well provide the necessary resources for conservation and environmental protection.

ESLV provides a platform for entertainment through our authentic tours and adventures; environmental conservation through our highly impactful environmental activities, programs and projects; learning and knowledge creation through our highly diverse and informative articles on the most pressing economic, social and environmental issues; culture preservation through our great traditional knowledge and cultural showcases of the people of western Kenya and Local Community empowerment and development through our  give back and volunteering programmes aimed at improving the lives and well-being of the marginalized and poor rural communities that host our exquisite tourism destinations. Our tours are designed with local people, guided by highly knowledgeable and real guides who have lived the experience in order to provide you with a truly authentic and magical experience. We also provide unique, hand –made crafts from local all-natural materials custom designed and made to your desire to enhance the memory building journey into western Kenya.

Mission – A world in which tourism is a recipe for great benefits for people and the environment

Vision – Promoting and practicing sustainable tourism along the Lake Victoria Region through authentic, culminating and invigorating cultural, natural and adventurous experiences.

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