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Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper

Coordinator – Leonard Akwany


The Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper is a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance and its mandate is to mobilize individuals, groups, institutions and companies to enable implementation of activities that will lead to a more fishable, swimmable and drinkable Lake Victoria.

It works under the umbrella of the Waterkeeper Alliance which is a global movement is uniting more than 230 Waterkeeper organizations around the world and focusing citizen advocacy on issues that affect our waterways, from pollution to climate change.

Ecofinder Kenya is the not for profit organization in which Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper is housed and it is committed to the promotion of Lake Victoria communities’ participation in ameliorating their Environment, Livelihood and Health. Ecofinder Kenya’s advocacy work has resulted in involvement of locals and other stakeholders in conservation of Lake Victoria and its Wetlands. This work is what Ecofinder Kenya wants to advance through Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper initiative.

Why Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is shared by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and is the second largest freshwater lake by area in the World. The lake serves a population of over 30 million people; with 2 million people depending directly and indirectly on the fishing activities as the lake supports Africa’s largest inland fishery. Additionally the lake is crucial for water supply for households and industries. Other imperatives of the lake include biodiversity, climate amelioration, transport corridor, electricity supply and traditional and cultural values. Therefore sustained ecological integrity of the lake is critical for accrued ecosystem services and other socio-economic significance. Thus a concerted effort towards the conservation of Lake Victoria from anthropogenic threats is of essence.

What are some of the threats facing Lake Victoria?

  •       Invasive species
  •       Water pollution
  •       Eutrophication
  •       Fish overharvesting
  •       Deforestation
  •       Wetlands reclamation
  •       Climate change


Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper Activities

  1. Patrolling the watershed as appropriate and necessary.
  2. Conducting routine monitoring and surveillance of the watershed.
  3. Investigating causes of pollution.
  4. Conducting evidence-gathering research on matters affecting the watershed and how to mitigate them.
  5. Undertaking litigation and legal action to protect and restore the watershed within the area of jurisdiction.
  6. Responding to calls of assistance, reporting of pollution cases to community agencies and decision makers.
  7. Challenging and/or supporting decision making that impacts the watershed.
  8. Conducting clean ups and restoration programs.
  9. Providing education, encouraging recreation, and demonstrating community involvement and support.
  10. Papyrus wetlands restoration and conservation
  11. Advocating for watershed protection
  12. Watershed restoration
  13. Enforcement of environmental policies


Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper Membership

Membership is open to individuals, groups, institutions and companies interested in working towards a swimmable, fishable and drinkable Lake Victoria

Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper Team

  • Leonard Akwany – Waterkeeper Team Leader
  • Maurice Ogoma – Waterkeeper Research and Advocacy Officer
  • Roniance Adhiambo – Waterkeeper Field Operations and Communications Officer
  • Francis Omungo – Waterkeeper Resource Mobilization and Recruitment Officer


Contact Information (Enquiries! Join us! Support us!)

Dunga Wetland Pedagogical Centre

Dunga Beach, Kisumu, Kenya

P.O.Box 179 – 40123, Kisumu

Email: [email protected]

Waterkeeper Hotline: +254 700936333

Tel +254 726701042, +254 731603109

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